730 North College Street, Carlisle, PA 17013

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About Us

Christ's Hands Guiding Our Hands In Service to Those in Need

There is an exciting ministry opportunity in the Carlisle, PA area! HIS HANDS Auto Repair Ministry was named by our founder George Young. The reason we hold to this name is because Christ’s Hands have worked great things in our lives. We feel the calling by God’s Word (1 Peter 4:10) to apply our skills and abilities to assist the financially challenged people within our community, while offering affordable auto repairs to the general public, which helps to support the mission.

At His Hands, we are a PA inspection facility; in addition to Inspections and general maintenance like oil changes and lubes, we perform routine auto repairs to mufflers, brakes, suspension, steering, tires, lights, and other repairs such as starters, alternators, power steering, brakes, water pumps, etc. Just call to ask about your specific repair.

We are very grateful for the support of our community! Together we have been serving the Carlisle area for over a decade!

Our Vision

Daring to build from a vision God has burned into our hearts, we unite our faith and weaknesses with His compassion and strength in order to serve those in nee


A Christian faith-based organization focused on the automotive needs of at- risk individuals in the surrounding region. To be honest people joining in Christ’s name to provide hope, care and service to others as Christ has given abilities to us. Building the bridge between people and their communities so they may regain present and future independence.


In 2001, George Young recognized that automobile preventive maintenance and repairs are a serious financial burden to many local families – sometimes making them choose between repairs or groceries. He saw an opportunity to spread God’s Word by providing minor auto repairs and services to needy residents. He presented this vision to the church and His Hands Auto Repair Ministry began.

Volunteers from several area churches soon performed auto repairs at their homes one Saturday each month – supervised by experienced mechanics. Clients were referred through local ministries, community services and churches. Demand grew and volunteer days were added. In addition, we serve the general public for a reasonable suggested donation to help offset the costs of this not-for-profit community organization. We also have non-mechanical needs such as filing, organizing, washing and cleaning cars, going for parts or tools, setting up jobs and cleaning the workspace.

In 2005, a four-bay garage became the ministry’s home. Through the hard work of many volunteers, His Hands developed into a PA Inspection Station, paid staff were hired and guidelines were established to assess clients’ needs.

Over the next six years the ministry outgrew its location. In 2011, the current location on College Street was dedicated as the permanent ministry location and auto dealership to the Lord and for His service.

Prayer! We start each workday with prayer for safety as we work and prayer of gratitude for our skills and Christ’s hands guiding our hands in service to those in need.